Year 3 – PayUright

This was a group project completed in the 1st semester of 3rd year between 4 of us.

My main role in this project was backend, I was in charge of setting up the database and creating the functions to fetch the data that is to be displayed for the user.

This project was based on me getting paid incorrectly at my job so we came up with an idea that would allow employees to see their payslips in a more detailed manner, they would be able to see on a table how much they earn and get deducted every week for comparison but also see the calculations of their deductions.

Click on the image to view the website

To try our project out, use the following login details.

Employee Section:

  • Employee Number: 785
  • Password: password
  • Pin: 123456

Manager Section:

  • Employee Number: 365
  • Password: craig1
  • Pin: 123456