Year 1 – Battlefield 4

Web Development – 76%

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Web Development

This module was in the first semester of year 1 and the purpose was to introduce us into website development in HTML and CSS.

The main objective of the project was to showcase our capabilities from we learned in class and outside of class by making our own websites.

I chose to design a website based on Battlefield 4 as it was my favourite game at the time and it had lots of pictures and content available to use. We were not being taught or told to do mobile responsiveness on our websites so this does not have that.

Another task was to have a contact form that worked with Local Storage, which functioned 4 years ago but I do not have it functioning on this.

The contact form was made to submit data entered to a database, and there was pages that had PHP functions such as displaying the members , displaying a certain member, updating a members email or deleting a member. These functions do not function at the moment as I did not set it up on this portfolio but my other 2 websites will have that kind of functionality.

In this semester I achieved 76% in Web Development and 76% in Programming (Javascript)